Social Media Network For Musicians

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Mobile, Web
Project Length
12 Months
Social Media


Yammat is an app for musicians that allows them to talk about their skills, share important events and organize meetings with like-minded people.

  • .NET Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Xamarin
  • SQLite
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 3 Software Developers
  • Prototype Development
Core Audiences
  • Musicians


We needed to develop a specialized social media network with rich functionality from scratch - text chat, audio calls, the ability to upload photos and videos, location sharing, events and meetings organizations.


The application we developed allows musicians to expand their social circle and share important events


Creating An Account

A user can create an account and fill it out with information relevant to musicians: specify their main and additional instruments, the timbre of their voice, and add photos and videos to their profile illustrating their skills and achievements. The user can search for other musicians by name or by their preferred instrument, add them as friends, combine them into interest groups and invite them to participate in meetings.


The application allows users to communicate using a text chat. You can attach photos, videos, documents and the user's location to messages. In addition, users can call each other inside the application.

News Feed

User posts are combined into a news feed. You can interact with each post - leave likes and comments, and the poster will receive engagement notifications. In addition to text, photo and video posts, users can publish their location or choose a location and invite other users to meet there.

Meetings And Locations

When creating meetings, the user marks a location on the map, which they can share with their friends and invite them to join. The user can share their real time location, track the locations of other users, and checkin up on arrival. The user can view the map in search of meetings created by other users and participate in them.


Yammat is a robust social media network with functions geared towards the core audience. We have not only implemented the necessary functionality, but also ensured the security of user data and created a system resistant to high loads.

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