A Photo Sharing Application For Families

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Mobile App, Web App
Project Length
10 Months
Social Media


Memories is an app inspired by photo galleries in modern smartphones that allows large families to share the most important moments of their lives in the form of photos, videos, audio recordings and reminders.

  • NET Core
  • Azure
  • Xamarin
  • Angular
  • MariaDB
  • 5 Fullstack Developers
  • Business Analytics
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
Core Audiences
  • Small Families
  • Large Families


Our client asked us to develop a file sharing service for people who want to share photos and videos with their family and friends. Inspired by the iOS gallery, the application is designed to help users easily and quickly share important moments of their lives using photos and videos within one application, as well as create events, for example, a birthday or wedding anniversary, and notify other users about it.


Before starting the development, we analyzed the client's idea and built the business logic that was supposed to be behind the application, thereby helping the client turn their idea into a real product.

The system is an iOS and Android mobile app where users can create their own account, share it with their family and friends, and share important moments through photos and videos. We have also implemented a web part responsible for confirming an account via SMS or a call.


Creating An Account

The user can create a family account and add profiles of their relatives, and send them invitations to join. After other users join the family group, they will receive notifications about account updates.

Uploading Photos And Videos

To upload photos, videos and other media materials, the user creates a Memory - the main type of post. Inside each memory, the user can set a date, add photos, videos, audio recordings and text notes, add hashtags and tag family members. Each individual photo and video can also have its own hashtags.


The user can share important moments of their life by creating an event post. An event differs from a Memory by the ability to select the type of event, for example, the child's first day at school, and specify characteristics of this event, for example, the height and weight of a newborn.


Memories was successfully launched and published in the Appstore and Play Market. Our team gained experience in developing an Instagram-like app, and the client received a high-quality and reliable product.

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