Clear Mechanic

CRM system for service stations and car dealers

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Mexico, Latin America
iOS, Android, Web
Project Length
12 Months
Automobile repair shops


Clear Mechanic is a solution that allows small and medium-sized businesses in the field of car mechanics to digitalize and automate their business processes. The system is a web-based CRM system and a mobile application for customers.

  • React
  • .NET Framework
  • 1 Team Lead
  • 3 Full Stack Developers
  • 2 Mobile Developers
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
Core Audience
  • Car Dealers
  • Car Mechanics


Our client is a startup whose main goal was to create a CRM system for car dealers and service stations that would help them automate internal processes, like tracking the workload of car mechanics, as well as improve the quality of services provided, for example, provide the ability to track the process of car repairs. Our task was to develop a system and a mobile application associated with it. The system had to meet both the specific needs of this business, and be quite simple and easy to use for the end user.


Our team has developed a CRM system that integrates with a mobile application. The mobile application meets the needs of the end user who takes their car for repair, allowing them to observe the repair process in detail, and the web application automates important stages of the work of car mechanics.


Mobile App

After the customer transfers their car to the technician, they can track the status of the order in real time using a mobile app, as well as watch a video stream of the work process on Youtube, while simultaneously leaving notes and wishes. During the repair process, the user receives notifications about status of their order. The car mechanic, in turn, starts the streaming process and updates the work statuses.

CRM System

The CRM System, which is a web application that integrates with a mobile application, allows a car dealer to track the workload of mechanics, the status of jobs in process, and create customer appointments. The manager version of the CRM System allows you to assign certain jobs to certain mechanics, as well as manage their workload.


At the moment, Clear Mechanic is a popular product in its field, used by hundreds of companies throughout Mexico and Latin America. As the project develops, we supplement it with new functions, for example, we are redesigning the system and updating the architecture, working on scaling the project and transforming it into a larger ecosystem.

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