Online Scheduling and Business Automation Platform

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Mexico, Latin America
Project Length
2020 - To The Present
Service Industry


Clear is a web application which main task is scheduling automation. Businesses have an opportunity to quickly book a client in and check the availability of specialists, and clients, in turn, can book appointments on their own. We have also implemented integration with WhatsApp and developed a chatbot capable of creating and modifying customer bookings.

  • .NET Core 5
  • React
  • AWS
  • 1 Team Lead
  • 4 Full Stack Developers
  • Developer team formation, including interviews and training
  • MVP Development
Core Audience
  • Small And Medium Service Industry Businesses


The main challenge was to develop a small and medium business automation system with complex functionality under tight time and budget constraints. In addition, we worked on putting together a team of developers for the client who would support and maintain the system.


Clear is an ecosystem designed to simplify lives of both business owners in the service sector and their customers. The application is being developed as a B2B product, the target users of which are private clinics, spas, medical offices, massage parlors and other small and medium businesses in the service sector. The core system functionality is scheduling: booking of clients online and spesialist schedule management.


WhatsApp Integration

In Latin America, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app, which is why it was so important for us to implement the integration of our system with this messenger. After a successful booking, the client receives a notification on WhatsApp with data about their appointment and gets reminded of the time of the booking a day before. The client can confirm, change or cancel their record without leaving WhatsApp.

We have also developed a chatbot that allows the client to request information about the business, like opening hours and services provided, using natural language, as well as request a consultation with an employee. The employee, in turn, can view all chats using a web application and connect to them at any time.


Scheduling For Business

Clear helps businesses create, store, and modify customer record data. A business owner can create accounts for their employees with different access rights. Each employee has their own schedule, which makes creating an appointment simple and fast - you just need to select the necessary specialist and create an appointment during their working hours.

Scheduling For Clients

Clients have an opportunity to independently create an appointment online using a website where they can choose a specialist, service, appointment date and time. By creating an account, the client can independently make changes to their appointment, for example, reschedule time or choose another specialist.


This project is under active development, we are constantly adding new features and improving the old ones. Clear has grown into a full-fledged ecosystem that greatly simplifies business operations in the service industry. We have created a reliable foundation for further system growth, and also selected a team to support the system in the client's location.

Modern Approach To Architecture
When developing this project, we used the latest technologies and approaches to architecture development so that the system would have a large margin of safety and would not need refactoring for a long time, as well as effectively cope with a large number of users.
Professional In-House Team
Our team was able not only to create a high-quality system, but also helped to select personnel to work on the client's side, performed training and helped them to get on the right track of professional development.

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