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We provide project support, optimize your applications and work with your team

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We integrate into your team and educate your specialists
We optimize applications at any stage of development
We do system business analysis and application analysis
We provide software support and develop new functionality

What We Do

Business analytics and application specification
Our team analyzes your business processes and describes application logic and its main modules. You get a detailed specification, task backlog, and requirements specification.
Software Optimization
We assess your software at any stage of development and perform manual and automatic testing, detect weak points, and perform optimization: increase operation speed, improve performance, and increase maximum load threshold.
Team Integration And Education
Our project managers perform team assessments and educate your specialists according to the project needs.
Support And Updates
We support and monitor your project after its move into production, analyze the system in an increasing load environment, detect growth points, and develop and launch new system modules.

How We Do It



We dive into your business process, describe the basic system functionality, and provide time and money estimates. We divide the project into development stages and describe MVP.

Project Start

We meet with the client, create the basic system infrastructure and start working on internal documentation, as well as put together a dedicated team of specialists.


A project manager supervises the development processes, ensures the project meets the outlined goals and stays within the budget.


We prepare reports, create design documentation, and collect client feedback.


We monitor system load, fix bugs, and maintain the relevance of design documentation.

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